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7 weeks plus performance


Final Performance will be filmed so you'll have a copy of your work to watch every morning and evening....

-The class will be LIVE/IN PERSON!  After years of zoom classes I am so happy about this.   


-Location will be in Santa Monica.  Santa Monica Playhouse 6pm-9pm 


-CLASS SIZE will be limited.  77 people max.   kidding.  9 Max.  


We will explore things like—

Differences between showing and not telling/What’s a story and what’s an anecdote?

Finding and turning up the gas on theatrical elements/moments in a story.  From page to stage kind of thing. 

Vulnerability and storytelling.  Trusting your instinct and learning to tap into it. 

Artistic statements/intentions.   Who are you? What matters to you? What ignites that FIRE IN THAT BIG OLE BELLY? 

Collecting material and inspiration. Throwing all the ideas out at first.  One idea doesn’t shut down another even though they may SEEM unconnected. 

Having fun/getting your ya-ya’s out (your own personal form of that). Creating the show that you would want to act in and that you would want to watch. 

Further opportunities/development of past the class.  Like…Story telling shows.   Fringe theater.  Touring. Producing. Self producing or approaching producers.   Turning material into on-line content.  

Finding collaborators/directors and dealing with writing personal material without the worry of never being spoken to again by everyone you know.  


-Every week you will have writing and performance assignments.  (Sharing a stories). ​

-By the end of the 7 weeks you’ll have multiple stories/monologues to choose from for the final show.     Before the holiday break you’ll decide which story to focus on for the final performance.     

-All levels are welcome.  I don’t work from a strict formula.   Sometimes I give individual homework assignments so everyone can be working from WHERE THEY ARE.   One person may get the assignment to ‘tell a story about your family that embarrasses you” and another may be assigned to “turn that monologue into a movement piece with no talking”.     It will depend upon where you are and what you and your material NEEDS.   




I love an inspirational quote! FOR EXAMPLE Maya Angelou // "There were people who went to sleep last night, poor and rich and white and black, but they will never wake again. And those dead folks would give anything at all for just five minutes of this... So you watch yourself about complaining. What you're supposed to do when you don't like a thing is change it. If you can't change it, change the way you think about it."



The Hollywood Asshole Clause

 Many of us are working actors who are also single mothers AND are adopted.    Therefore, I have a HOLLYWOOD ASSHOLE CLAUSE that states that the schedule may change and classes may need to be moved/rescheduled.     I will always work with everyone and their schedules to MAKE IT RIGHT and make sure that you get what you came for.    And the same goes for YOU ALL.  If you have to miss a class I’ll offer make up classes.   




Send me an email or  Tell me what you’re working on or hoping to work on.  Why you’re taking the class.  That kind of thing. There’s no right answers—I just want to know who I’m dealing with.    Weed out the killers and the ex husbands.   


Venmo @Lauren_Weedman 


Or leave an envelope stuffed with cash under my door mat. 





That’s all for NOW.   Please email me with any thoughts or questions.   



LWB_Triple Door_credit Ernie Sapiro_ESP_

November 4th and 5th

Saturday and Sunday

10 am to 5 pm


Berg Studios Annex

3273 Casitas Ave, #105

Los Angeles CA 90039


$300 student price (you must be currently enrolled in a scene study class to receive the student discount)

$350 non-student price

Solo Performance with Lauren Weedman: November at Berg Studios!

Ever wanted to tell your story? Either on the stage or online? And ever been daunted by exactly how to do it? In this new era of the content creator, there has never been a more necessary time to become familiar with the special set of skills this kind of performance requires.

Berg Studios is very excited to welcome award-winning comedic actress, playwright, and author Lauren Weedman to lead a Solo Performance Intensive in November!

Solo performance is an art form that at its core is about connecting with others in a profoundly personal and creative way. Examining the deeply personal nature of our humanity, and giving dignity and spark to our stories. 

Lauren has created an exhilarating workshop that walks the actor through both disciplines of acting and writing specifically for this medium. The result is a set of skills that will give you the confidence to take your story out into the world, where it belongs!

Creating a solo show helps strengthen your voice as a performer. It allows you to create the theatrical experience that you crave. You will convert your questions, your memories, your obsessions, and your experiences into theater or film. 

Now is the time to show other creative folks in the industry who YOU really are and what you’re capable of while generating exciting and personal material that can translate into theater or other online content.

If you have many ideas or want help finding one, this workshop is for you. Maybe you’re in the middle of developing a new piece, or you simply don’t want to lose touch with the feeling of creating a new work/making some art. We will share our ideas and stories, collecting the inspirations that will help feed your creativity and bring your show to life.

There are many different forms of Solo Performance. True personal stories, historical characters, a series of characters around a central theme, narrative first-person address, magic realism, and so much more. We will explore ways to turn your story into a piece of theater. Brainstorm scenes, characters, and themes. Figuring out what your material wants to be. Letting the material and stories dictate the form. It’s theater. It’s storytelling. It’s connection. Ultimately, this workshop is about believing that one’s own experiences and dreams are not only important enough to share with the world, but that it is essential to do so!

One on One Coaching 

I am sometimes available for private coaching    email me with questions and rates 

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