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The City Show


(YOUR city show?)

How it works:

Lauren visits a city. She spends a week there gathering stories, exploring, and imagining what it might be like to move there as a single mother to raise her son.

Nothing is planned. The minute she gets on the plane, the story begins. She decides how to spend the first night in the city based on the advice from the person seated next to her on the plane, or from a Craigslist post. Whatever grabs her. She spends some days experiencing the city, and her visit culminates in her creation and performance of a live show featuring stories from her time in town, including characters she encounters, moments, traumas, personal disasters, and sometimes the touristy highlights. The show is about the city, the people, and the “moment”– all through Lauren’s kaleidoscope lens of storytelling.

Recent cities have included Boise, Albuquerque, Portland, Philadelphia, and Indianapolis.

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