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The Seattle Times: 'Lauren Weedman Doesn't Live Here Anymore': a solo show about fame, shame and how to juggle sharp emotional knives in public August 2018

Crosscut: Lauren Weedman Delivers Divorce with a Country Twang July 2018

Portland Center Stage: Reviews of Lauren Weedman Doesn't Live Here Anymore April 2017

Broadway World: ACT's Lauren Weedman Doesn't Live Here Anymore Cavorts with Little Point July 2018

The Stranger: Lauren Weedman's New Solo Show is a Fever Dream About Fame and Family August 2018

Providence Journal: Movie Review: ‘Joshy’ is darkly funny look at adulthood August 2016

RedEye Chicago: When you sit down at a table with Nick Kroll, Jenny Slate, Brett Gelman and Lauren Weedman August 2016

Salon: Hollywood’s nanny-cheating cliché hits home April 2016

The Dinner Party Download: Episode 340: Jeff Nichols, Lauren Weedman, Tindersticks March 2016

Boston Globe: Actress Lauren Weedman Digs Into the Creative Process March 2016 In Which Lauren Weedman and Dan Savage Talk Like Sailors March 2016 ‘Looking’ Star Lauren Weedman Talks Movie, Memoire ‘Miss Fortune’ and Jon Stewart March 2016 Actress Lauren Weedman Reinforces Your Favorite Seattle Stereotypes March 2016

NBC Affiliate King5: Actress Lauren Weedman’s Miss Fortune March 2016

The Cut: How to Be a Stepmom to the Son of Your Ex and His Dead Wife March 2016

Jezebel: The Best Time I Filmed a Sex Scene While Pregnant and With an Inverted Nipple March 2016 Portland-loving comic Lauren Weedman, of HBO’s late ‘Looking,’ dishes on new book March 2016 Lauren Weedman is not OK, and she’s written a book about it: Book Excerpt: March 2016

The Seattle Times: Lauren Weedman: ‘I am working out these traumas in front of other people’ March 2016

Artslandia: Lauren Weedman’s Portland Observations March 2016

The Oregonian: Why ‘Looking’ star Lauren Weedman loves Portland (and we love her) March 2015 HBO star Lauren Weedman is ‘Looking’ for Portland March 2015

Indy Style TV: Lauren Weedman performs It’s Not You, It’s Me February 2015

Story Club Magazine: Recipe for Disaster August 2014 Lauren Weedman trains her comic eye on Philly June 2014

Philadelphia CityPaper: Tinder cruising, Rocky steps at 2 a.m. and cheesesteak fights: Lauren Weedman’s week in Philly June 2014

Broad Street Review: A whirlwind tour of Philly June 2014

KRQE News 13: Revolutions – Lauren Weedman January 2014

Boise Weekly: Blame it on Boise January 2014

Boise Weekly: Lauren Weedman’s ‘Boise, You Don’t Look a Day Over 149’ at BCT September 2013

Boise Weekly: Famous Somewhere: Lauren Weedman brings new play about Boise to Boise September 2013 ‘Bust’: Lauren Weedman mesmerizes with humor and depth in one-woman show 2012

SeattleMet: A fiendish Conversation with Lauren Weedman May 2012

The Washington Post: ‘Bust’ brings an L.A. story to Studio Theatre December 2011

New York Times Theatre Review: A Woman in Search of a Mother 2007

Seattle Weekly: She’ll make it anywhere October 2006

Seattlepi: Is a rash funny? Yes, when it’s Lauren Weedman’s October 2002

The Seattle Times: Weedman breaks out in ‘Rash’ at Empty Space October 2002

LA Weekly: Who’s That Girl? Lauren Weedman’s Search for Home 2002

The Stranger: In Weedman We Trust March 2000

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