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In her touring cabaret show, Lauren sings and tells stories about heartbreak, gay boyfriends, and coffee enemas. The show is a high octane, stream-of-consciousness, gay cabaret as done by a straight woman. The evening includes cover songs by artists like Helen Reddy, Loretta Lynn, Neil Diamond and Ludacris as well as her own original songs. The Stranger called Weedman “the funniest woman alive”, and LA Weekly says “her self-deprecating humor is not just funny, its excesses contain jaw-dropping revelations on the intersections of passion and fear.”

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Joe’s Pub, New York  “Naked”

The Stud, San Francisco “Tits and Sass”

UnCabaret, LA, “What Went Wrong”

Hollywood Improv “Naked”

Three Clubs, Hollywood  “All The Bad Words”

Boise Contemporary Theater “What Went Wrong” 

The Palms, Wonder Valley, “All the Bad Words”

Atlantis Cruise lines “Naked” 

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