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named a top ten indie book of 2007 by Kirkus review of books

In A Woman Trapped in a Woman’s Body, Lauren Weedman tells true, hilarious, and embarrassing stories of a girl gone wild. She’s the David Sedaris of heterosexual women. Her self-deprecating, confessional, and terribly funny voice finds a special place in the hearts of those who can relate to her–which, for better or worse, includes all of us. From the uproarious account of her time at The Daily Show, where she developed an entirely one-sided infatuation with Jon Stewart, to the time she read her boyfriend’s diary with disastrous results, Lauren’s work is filled with the wit, honesty, and personality that make for great personal writing.

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“Lauren Weedman is godd@*m funny. For that reason alone you should buy this book. Because funny is the new beauty and so we must worship funny. Oh, and Weedman is beautiful too. It’s just so freaking unfair.”
—Dan Savage, author of The Commitment and Savage Love
“Relentlessly candid introspection combined with a ferocious wit.”
—Los Angeles Times
“Oh my god Lauren Weedman. Is the funniest most brilliant nugget of female beauty alive… The only David Sedaris comparison I can think of is that soon he’ll be wishing he was the new her.”
—Jill Soloway, writer and co-executive producter of Six Feet Under and author of Tiny Ladies in Shiny Pants
Lauren's second book was a Los Angeles Times Best seller:


fresh perspectives on having it all

from a woman who is not okay

Los Angeles Times Bestseller

For fans of Jenny Lawson, Sarah Colonna, and Lena Dunham, an acutely-observed and hilarious take on what happens when life doesn’t end up quite as you’d expected.

“Gloriously smart, deeply funny, and nakedly vulnerable … I laughed. I cried. I thanked my lucky stars I didn’t ever have a threesome with co-workers in the Netherlands. But most of all, I fell in love with Lauren Weedman and the raw and complicated truths she so honestly explores on every page.”

—Cheryl Strayed, author of the New York Times bestseller Wild

Lauren Weedman is not okay. 

She’s living what should be the good life in sunny Los Angeles. After a gig as a correspondent on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, she scored parts in blockbuster movies, which led to memorable recurring roles on HBO’s Hung and Looking. She had a loving husband and an adorable baby boy. 

In these comedic essays, Weedman turns a piercingly observant, darkly funny lens on the ways her life is actually Not Okay. She tells the story of her husband’s affair with their babysitter, her first and only threesome, a tattoo gone horribly awry, and how the birth of her son caused mama drama with her own mother and birth mother, all with laugh-out-loud wit and a powerful undercurrent of vulnerability that pulls off a stunning balance between comedy and tragedy.



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